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People ask...

Q. What is the meaning of "no when, no want , no worry"?
A. I was watching 60 Minutes
and they were visiting
a tribe of gypsies
who live in the
Andaman Sea in
Southeast Asia
all of whom survived
the tsunami of 2006.

They are called
The Moken
and they spend 70% of their time
on the ocean.

They saw it coming cuz
they are super in touch
with the ocean.

The interviewer asked
one of them how old he was.
He didn't know.

None of the gypsies
knew their ages.
The interpreter said it's because
when you live on the water
all day
time does not exist.
There is only now.
The moken don't have
a word for "when".

They also don't have
a word for "want".

They either *have* or *need*.
but they don't know what it is to 'want'.

No when. No want.... No.... ?

That's right.
No word for "worry".

No when.

No want.

No worry.


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